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A proposal and engagement session at the historic Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX There was so much planning that went into Carl’s proposal to Heather. Carl confessed to being a creative soul, and he went all out for Heather. Before the big day, he carefully crafted an album full of great moments they shared together. […]

Let us introduce you to the coolest couple we’ve met in a while: Lori and Burt! Cool because they’re hockey players and a pun is necessary in here somewhere. Hah! Really and truly, we think these guys are awesome. If it weren’t for these two, I (Mercedes), would have never stepped foot on an ice […]

A session photographed at our Driftwood, Texas outdoor photography studio We loved getting to host Christina and Rusty for their engagement session! They’re a really fun, very laid-back couple and they were so game to have fun in front of our cameras! Just a few tips for outdoor engagement sessions here in Central Texas: It’s […]

Katyayani’s reactions were just precious. She was brought to tears right away! But let me backtrack a little. Pratik emailed me about three weeks before he planned to propose to Katyayani. That was plenty of time to be able to put together a plan for the event as well as a good plan B. Good […]

Bret and Katy met and began dating in Lake Travis High School so they’re 100% high school sweethearts. They were apart for some time during college but once Bret graduated, he pursued Katy again and it’s been great for them both since. The plan was to propose at the end of this year, but they […]

This was the first engagement session we hosted at our outdoor photography studio space located in the greater austin area. We were so excited to get to have Natalie and Jesse come visit us and photograph their engagement session. They wanted outdoors: we had that. They didn’t mind a drive from San Antonio for the right […]

Jesse and I both had the pleasure of spending time with Liz and Saul playing Austin engagement photographers for them. And I do mean play, they made it really fun! Liz and Saul are two of the kindest, sweetest people you could want to meet. They were gracious and just genuinely happy to be together. […]

It’s so great to reconnect with friends who you haven’t seen in a while, isn’t it? Cheli’s family moved away from Austin a few years ago so I only got to “see” them through social media. It was so awesome to get a note from here recently asking about wedding photography. We said yes and […]

This was that one time when Howard did a lot of the planning. The location was absolutely key: Tiff’s love of wildflowers was the determining factor so the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center was the one and only choice. We took the time to visit a few days before so we would set up a game […]