North Austin Engagement – Lori and Burt

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Let us introduce you to the coolest couple we’ve met in a while: Lori and Burt! Cool because they’re hockey players and a pun is necessary in here somewhere. Hah!

Really and truly, we think these guys are awesome. If it weren’t for these two, I (Mercedes), would have never stepped foot on an ice rink. I came prepared with a hoodie which was totally out of place outside for a Texas summer, but not when you’re standing directly on the ice. And it was pretty comical to shuffle along on flat feet while Lori and Burt swooshed right past us as we made our way to the net.

Things we learned: end the session with sitting poses. All of us had wet tushes in short order! That fact stopped no one, least of all Lori and Burt. They a ton of fun and it was really infectious and a joy to see them laughing together and wrapped up in each other’s love. The fun didn’t stop after we drove to a nearby park and they surprised us with smoke bombs to use for some photos. Burt and Lori are the bomb! Sorry, had to pun again.

Are you in the middle of planning your own engagement session? There are a lot of things to consider but one this is: where do you like to spend your time together? For Lori and Burt, who are both hockey players, the ice rink was a natural choice. Being in a familiar place means you’re instantly comfortable. We aren’t always on the important side of a professional photographer’s camera, so being in a place you love goes a long way towards making the session a fun one for you. It also gives us a chance to get to know you a little better, and we love that!



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