Wildflower Center Proposal

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This was that one time when Howard did a lot of the planning. The location was absolutely key: Tiff’s love of wildflowers was the determining factor so the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center was the one and only choice. We took the time to visit a few days before so we would set up a game plan and pick a spot where he would actually propose. Too fun!

The plan was that Jesse and I wanted to practice and needed some models to work with. Howard and his Kinsey were joined by Tiff and a couple of other friends, Edith and Larry, who volunteered to model, too. Lots of practice! In reality, Edith and Larry were there to get some video and we even got to have one of our kids come with us to assist. Everything was covered!

The Wildflower was really lovely and everything was green and blooming. Turn a corner and you’re greeted with a new pretty little view. Having people around who enjoyed each others’ company and enjoyed laughing made it a super fun time! The neat thing was that the early part of our session doubled as their engagement photos. Usually, it’s the other way around for us—proposal first—but this way was a nice variation!

Just a few family and couple shots from Howard and Tiff's Austin proposal session A few more couple and family shots from Howard and Tiff's session ~ Austin proposal photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography Howard and Tiff portraits by Austin Wedding Photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography Tiff and Howard and laughter during their Austin proposal photographer session

The Big Moment

When we got close to the spot that we decided would work best for the proposal, I excused myself to head to the restroom/sneak up to the tower so we had another perspective. While that was going on, Jesse was photographing our other friends as Tiff, Howard, and Kinsey meandered a little further down the path. Howard hung back and waited for me to give him the thumbs up to say I was in place. When Kinsey got his signal, she tapped Tiff and asked her, “Will you be my stepmom?”

It didn’t quite register with Tiff so Kinsey signaled to her to turn around where she saw Howard on his knee. So he asked. And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as she said yes, the sun popped out from behind the clouds. Loved that!

When Howard asked Tiff to be his wife ~ Austin Proposal Photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography When Tiff said yes ~ Austin Proposal Photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography Hugs and joy all around at Tiff and Howard's Proposal ~ Photo by Mercedes Morgan Photography - Austin Proposal Photographers Our conspirators:Howard and Tiff Proposal ~ Austin Proposal Photographer


…and an amazing ring! Howard had it custom made just for her. Awesome.

We absolutely, positively love getting to photograph proposals because we usually get to do them together (and yes, we bring assistants sometimes who double as models/people to divert attention from what’s really going on). We’ve helped plan and execute some elaborate ones that involve scavenger hunts all the way down to the classic proposal at a very personally meaningful location. Each one has been amazing. Are you looking for an Austin proposal photographer? Please get in touch with us! Email smile@mercedesmorgan.com and we’ll be happy to help you out with planning and real, lovely pictures.





  1. Lisa Kingsbury says:

    This is so sweet! I love the little girl’s reaction to the proposal!

  2. Aggie says:

    What a beautiful family! I love how you captured such an intimate moment through your photos

  3. Lucy says:

    Oh wow! I adore the story your images tell, and you’ve captured their proposal beautifully!

  4. Poppy Ashworth says:

    How special that you got to be there to capture this beautiful moment! Such a sweet proposal to include their daughter too! Congratulations to the happy couple! đŸ™‚

  5. Cori says:

    You did an amazing job pulling this off. What a absolutely amazing ring. One of a kind that’s for sure! I love the unknown of a propsal

  6. Hannah Gunnell says:

    These are so beautiful! And I love how you gave a little background for their proposal story.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Ahhh, that is so sweet that they had the daughter ask her to be her step mom. What a well thought out Austin Proposal story! And that location, I can see why it would be one of their favorites!

  8. Emily Moore says:

    Aw this is such a sweet proposal story!! I love that Kinsey asked if she would be her stepmom first, that is just really precious <3 You can tell that this little family already loves each other a lot! So sweet!

  9. Ashley says:

    What a cute proposal story! I love that location too – so pretty! You did a beautiful job photographing their proposal!

  10. Lacey Fincher says:

    What a beautiful proposal! And how smart of Howard to hire an Austin Proposal Photographer! I am sure they will be so happy to have this precious moment captured forever!

  11. Joanna says:

    Ok, so I’m usually not an emotional person, but I had a daughter when I met my husband, and I teared up. I love that he had his daughter ask her that!!! What a beautiful memory you captured!

  12. Kusum says:

    awww this is so special! I would have never thought of a proposal photography, but this is so beautiful

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