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Once upon a time, back when we graduated from art school, the buzzword for the graphic design industry was “corporate identity.” Having a cohesive visual language to reach your market was known to be a vital thing when it came to a company’s strategy and positioning in the market space. A no-brainer. It goes by […]

Each year, the Tim Tebow Foundation puts on an event called Night To Shine. Over 650 churches world-wide host a prom for special needs teens through adults. There are small armies of volunteers that take care of so many details: coat check, welcoming crew, check-ins, boutonniere pinning, corsage picking, dance-partnering, karaoke-ing, etc. So many come […]

It was new to me. I’ve walked passed this front door many times, at least once giving in to the temptation to peek inside, pressing nose to the window in an attempt to see what it was like. Didn’t work too well, it’s definitely a space you need to see in person. The Carrington is all […]

There is so much information and media overload that we are all subjected to nowadays. It can take a lot of effort to make sure to keep yourself from blending in to the crowd and keep your business not only moving forward, but keeping personal connections with clients strong. When you’re in the service industry, […]

Providing Austin event photography for the national TAPS organization’s Texas Survivor Seminar and Good Grief Camp Earlier this year, I was honored to be able to be part of a team of photographers covering an event for an amazing organization. TAPS is a support organization that comes along side families that have lost a military […]