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It was new to me. I’ve walked passed this front door many times, at least once giving in to the temptation to peek inside, pressing nose to the window in an attempt to see what it was like. Didn’t work too well, it’s definitely a space you need to see in person.

The Carrington is all of 105 years old and full of life. It wasn’t always an event venue. In it’s 1.0 version, it was a pharmacy. It’s not quite the same magnitude deal as beads for Manhattan, but owner Cari did trade a set of wood pallets for an antique bottle that was from the original shop. Label and all. Pretty cool to have a bit of its history around.

There is nothing that gives me warm fuzzies in a space like texture. Color, sure, but for me, more than that: texture. The Carrington is rich with the stuff. 

On the first floor, the tin ceiling and the finish walls are original to the building and not to much has been done so that the feel is genuine and welcoming, laid back. The cracks and chippy paint just tugs at our heartstrings: character, character, character. Inside, the wood floors, worn to not-quite-mirror smoothness, must have stories to tell! In its current life, it makes for a perfect dance floor.

The venue is a Tardis, really. From the outside, you’d never guess how much space is in. There’s enough room to seat 150 people very comfortably and still leave you room for dancing. Upstairs, there are multiple rooms including a huge space for the groom and groomsmen to get ready, including a fridge named Tim. For the bride and bridesmaids, there are beautiful rooms flooded with natural light. 

Speaking of light: this is a photographer’s dream space. Every consideration was made to make sure that lighting is a major feature of each space. Around every corner is a different vignette that would make an amazing portrait backdrop. Lots of framing elements that make this photographer kinda happy. Yes, please, let’s do portraits here because that would be amazing. And beautiful.

The ceremony areas outside are pretty sweet, too! On the east side of the venue, there’s a really lovely wall of jasmine that serves as a perfect backdrop for a couple saying their idos. The spot is also home to a heritage tree, tagged by the city of Buda, that shades the space in the afternoons. That area is framed on one side with a wrought iron fence that’s a little nod to old New Orleans. The larger space at the rear of the property is very capacious and the crepe myrtles at the back fence area will make a gorgeous photo backdrop when they bloom in summer. Also? The gate on the west side is 12 feet wide when open—great to bring things in and out but also perfectly sized to make food trucks really easy to have. 

I didn’t get to explore the area immediately around The Carrington today but do know that there are so many fun backdrops and shops close by. Meander a little bit and you will realize it’s not hard to find lots of fun places where you can spend time and get lost in the best of ways. 

So many little and big factors make The Carrington a dream venue for a wedding, not just the details that make up its vibe and ambience. It’s only minutes away from Austin so very easy for your guests to get. Once there, there is ample parking for them to use. Definitely a space very much worth a close look.


The windows welcoming guests to the Carrington Wedding and Event Venue in Buda, Texas | Mercedes Morgan Photography, Austin wedding photographers The main interior event space of The Carrington wedding and event center in Buda, Texas | Austin wedding photography Mercedes Morgan Photography Textures and furnishings of The Carrington, Buda TX wedding and event space | Mercedes Morgan Photography, Austin wedding photographers  This seriously needs a bride and groom:  Scenes from the groom and groomsmen's space upstairs at The Carrington photographed by Austin wedding photojournalist Mercedes Morgan Photography Upstairs bathroom, hallway and scenes of the bridesmaids' room at Buda's The Carrington, wedding and event venue | Photos by your Carrington wedding photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography Views of the Carrington's bridal suite and details to be found there | Austin wedding photographers Mercedes Morgan Photography Confession: I get a little giggly on the inside at the sight of this little army of chairs, all lined up and waiting for their orders.An army of chairs in residence at The Carrington | Photo by Austin wedding photographers Mercedes Morgan Photography

Dear amazing brides and grooms: please get married here and let us loose with our cameras!

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