Chapel Dulcinea Wedding Photographers for Martin and Amy

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Amy and Martin, their closest family and friends traveled from Missouri to get married at Chapel Dulcinea, making it an Austin destination wedding for them.

We didn’t really know what to expect would happen at Amy and Martin’s wedding. No surprise, really. We often don’t get to meet couples ahead of time so we have to be prepared to photograph under any circumstance. It was the level of emotional, well, stuff, that was unexpected. 

When we arrived, I headed to see Amy in the bride’s room while Jesse headed to see Martin. Nothing unusual there. Amy didn’t want getting ready photos but I hovered anyway, making sure to get her interactions with those who stopped by and helped her get ready. It turned out to be a good thing I did. It got her comfortable having a camera around and captured some moments that she loved having. When she was nearly done getting ready, I mentioned she should be sure to have some tissues in case of tears. 

“Martin and I already read our vows out loud together so we got the tears out.” I told her she might be surprised.

It was a second marriage for both of them. Amy was accompanied by both of her children and Martin by his. Readings were shared by Amy’s son and Martin’s daughter and their officiant was a close family friend, their pastor. It was cold, but Amy and Martin seemed impervious to it. The gazes they gave each other said so much. And it wasn’t hard to catch spontaneous shows of affection on camera. Those moments happened often and with nary a cue from us. It was like each knew they were the best thing that ever happened to each other.

We couldn’t help but be absolutely moved by their wedding.

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