Fresh 48 New Born Photo Session for Baby Benea

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A little something different for you all: a Fresh48 session for little baby Benea.

You might be wondering just what that might be. Births are a pretty unpredictable business. Little ones may take their time to arrive, or perhaps don’t give anyone a chance to wait. A Fresh 48 session gives you a chance to document little one’s arrival without documenting the labor and delivery. They typically take place 24-48 hours after baby is born, or until mom is up and more mobile in case of a c-section. We get the opportunity to capture some of mom and dad’s first interactions with baby, your first guests, gifts and maybe even some of the hospital staff that are taking the very best care of you all. You get a little time to recover after baby comes which is a welcome bonus, wouldn’t you say?

We had the great fortune to photograph Benea’s mom and dad’s anniversary party in Austin a few years ago. So it was just awesome to get contacted to photograph little Bee’s arrival into this world. One of the first people to greet her was her auntie, mom’s twin sister, who came prepared with just the perfect gifts for her first niece ever. Before her grandparents and other auntie arrived, she was doted on by mom and dad quite a bit before being doted on quite a lot by the rest of the family who arrived a little bit after I did.

Capturing Benea’s little facial expressions had to be the best part! Next to mom and dad’s sweet interaction with her, that is. They couldn’t keep their eyes off her and the snuggles were many. There’s just something both heartwarming and profound about how a newborn looks at her mom and dad. The looks just speak of trust and comfort. And to watch mom and dad wonder over their little girl was a precious experience. They were totally captivated by every little part of her and she cooed and gazed at them in return.

We want to share a bit of the story from baby Bee’s arrival into this world. Don’t miss a few tips to help you prepare for your own Fresh 48 session for baby at the end of the post.

Getting Ready For Your Own Fresh 48 Session

A new baby is a lot to plan for, so here are a few tips to help you prepare for yours:

  1. Pack everything you need for the session. No doubt you’ll have an outfit ready for baby, but you want to be sure to be ready with something comfortable for you and dad, too. Definitely consider your comfort when choosing. Pajamas and simple shirts like Benea’s mom and dad had are really ideal. Think loose and adjustable. Bee’s mom had a professional make up artist visit just before the session which is a great option, though not necessary.
  2. Make sure we can get in touch easily. Of course, we’ll make advanced arrangements so I know when baby is close. But have my contact information in both your husband’s phone and yours so both of you can contact me when you head to the hospital and then give me a heads up when it’s a good time to make my way over to you.
  3. If family will be there, help them prepare, too. Let them know in advance that you’ll both want some of your time alone with baby documented before the whole family joins us. Having lots of people around can tire out a little one, so pauses may be necessary. I definitely account for that in my time with you, so don’t worry about needing to attend to baby. Those moments make for great photos, too.
  4. Do you have any special mementos or outfits you’d like photographed with baby? Set them aside before I arrive and we’ll make sure to include them in photos.
  5. If baby has older siblings, we absolutely want to make time for photos with them, too! Ideally, they’ll arrive halfway through the session so we can have that dedicated time with baby first. It might not be a bad idea to have snacks or safe toys for big brothers and sisters in case they’re needed. It would be really special if you brought along prints from the older kiddo’s session. They’ll love seeing them and will make beautiful, affirming moments for them, too.

Last tip: get in touch as soon as you decide you’d like to have a Fresh 48 session for your family. We can chat due dates and other details and make sure everything’s all set for you.It’s an amazing thing, an honor really, to get to help you remember your family’s milestones in real, lovely pictures.

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