Pro Wedding Proposal Tip – Top places to propose in Austin, Texas

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As in: literally, the top! Elevated places that give you a great view of the city or the Texas Hill Country. 

You’re getting ready to pop the question and you want it to be in a place that’s absolutely special to you both: Austin. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available including some that might surprise you. You’re sure to come across something that vibes with you in the list below!

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1.) The Driskill Hotel

There isn’t a more iconic spot for a proposal in Austin than on one of the Driskill’s beautiful, spacious balconies. Either balcony offers a pretty view of Austin’s downtown. And because the Driskill loves proposals, they can offer you as much help as you need to make it special. Candles, rose petals or a table set for two like Carl had for Heather? They will gladly make it happen so that you have the perfect ambiance when you pop the question. Because of the generous overhangs above each balcony, the hotel is perfect even if there’s a little rain. The Driskill has been around since 1886 and is a lovely place to make your own history. 

2.)  Rules & Regs – Fairmont Austin

The northwest corner of this rooftop bar and lounge has a gorgeous view of Austin’s downtown buildings. Imagine a setting sun lighting and warming up the skies and making all the buildings gleam. It’s as lovely as it sounds! Make arrangements in advance and the staff can set up candles, rose petals, champagne and other little touches you want to make sure that the proposal is perfect. We highly recommend picking a time around sunset to propose for the prettiest light.

3.) Doug Samm Hill 

This has to be one of the easiest places to find a sweeping view of the changing and evolving Austin skyline and it’s located in Butler Park. The top of the hill offers a clear 360-degree view with the city skyline to the north, the Long Center/Parmer Auditorium to the south east and Zilker Park to the west. Weekends can be busy here but it’s not hard to get in place for just the right backdrop and view for your proposal. 

4.) Long Center

Immediately adjacent to Butler Park, the Long Center offers a great opportunity for some unique images. Offering up a sweeping view of Austin on the north side of the property, you can see that same view reflected in the huge windows for a different perspective. The nice thing about this spot is that there are huge overhangs to keep you protected in case of rain. No need for a plan b!

5.) Azul Rooftop lounge – W Hotel

This is probably the best rooftop lounge for a gorgeous night time view of Austin after hours! With the lights of the Frost Bank Tower in the near distance, the northwest corner of Azul gives a distinctively Austin look. Very stunning views!

6.) 360 Bridge Overlook

For a very Austin-y outdoors view of Lake Austin, there’s no better spot than the overlook just north of the 360/Pennybacker Bridge. Any time that there’s daylight will work at this romantic spot. While it can get busy, this is Austin and people will graciously give you room. Since this is a spot with a rustic trail leading to it, you want to plan ahead and make sure you have close-toed shoes. 

7.) Inn Cahoots

For a different sort of view, on the east side of downtown, check out Inn Cahoots. Their rooftop lounge gives you elevation from the streets below (nice way to capture some breeze). Their very attentive staff is very accommodating and can work with you to personalize the space for you. They’re a very short distance to great dining options where you can celebrate she says yes and there are so many great, uniquely designed spaces inside the hotel that give you great, fun photo opps.

8.) Mt. Bonnell

This is a classic location for Austin proposals. One of the highest points in Austin City Limits, it’s a frequently-visited location for lovely views of Lake Austin so it’s easy for us to hide in plain sight here. Because there are many different elevations in this spot, there are a lot of opportunities for dramatic views. Yes, there are lots of steps to the top but just come prepared and you’ll be fine!

9.) Parking structures

Track with us here: don’t discount rooftop parking structures! There are several in Austin that can give you a great view of the skyline, a view down Congress Avenue or some that offer a view of the Hill Country’s natural beauty. This is definitely an option for an edgier, urban vibe that offers a lot of opportunity to get creative! Plus: it’s super easy to find gorgeous light inside of a parking structure. 

10.) Enchanted Rock 

Yes, technically not Austin but the view, not to mention the experience, really can’t be beat! You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty that is just breathtaking. No—it’s not the hike up that makes it feel like that! While most any time of day would be great for a proposal, early morning, especially on weekends and holidays, are the ideal. This state park can get very busy and limits the number of guests allowed inside when it does. Plan accordingly and don’t forget to bring water. The highest point on the Rock is a perfect spot to propose but don’t overlook other nearby areas that are less-trafficked because the views are great all the way around. A nearby option to consider would be Trois Estate. They have an elevated greenhouse structure that offers a few of Enchanted Rock itself. This venue is absolutely beautiful and offers a lot of gorgeous places for couple’s photos. Afterwards, you can enjoy an intimate dinner, just the two of you!

Phew! That is definitely quite a list of places to consider and we know it’s by no means comprehensive—perhaps you’ve thought of some that we haven’t. Let us know! We are definitely blessed with so many options here in the Austin area.

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