Stone House Ranch Wedding ~ Zoe and Adam

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Planning a Texas Hill Country Wedding From Afar

Gotta love the interwebs for connecting us with this amazing couple. Both lead very busy lives and neither live in Austin. But since Zoe’s job brought her to Austin often, she fell in love with it and decided they needed to plan a destination wedding in Texas Hill Country. 

Did I mention they have busy lives? They do. Planning a wedding with very little time to do it would be very challenging. Planning a wedding is not something most people do on a regular basis so it’s challenging enough, but doing it from long distance makes it even harder. Being available to help them was a necessary thing, in our view. Number one priority: make sure the couple is having a great time at their own wedding. The reason is pretty evident: more than anything, it will show in your photographs if you’re enjoying yourself and focused on The Things That Matter. So, help we did.

Their ceremony venue was a given. Zoe came across photos we took at that church in a previous wedding and they started their planning steps based on that. We also sent them a list of recommended venues that would fit their casual vibe and loudly say “Texas Hill Country.” Since everyone coming was from other parts of the country, the couple wanted to share that place that’s found a permanent part in their hearts. Zoe’s mom was a big help, too. We chatted several times about their schedule, what vendors they needed and wanted (who doesn’t want a pair of adorable mini donkeys hanging around?) and other pertinent things. In the end, everything worked out and they had the best day. 

We had too many favorites—to hard to narrow down. Their cake cutting and first dances were epic! These two rock, not much to add to that truth!

St. Louis King of France Catholic Church in Austin, Texas, where they got married. Photographed by Austin wedding photographers Mercedes Morgan Photography

Stone House Ranch's hall where Zoe and Adam had their Texas Hill Country reception venue. Photography by Mercedes Morgan Photography, Austin wedding photographers

Here’s the amazing team that made it happen for them:

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