Camp Lucy Proposal – Sean and Paulena

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Sean proposes to Paulena at Camp Lucy captured by Austin proposal photographer Mercedes Morgan Photography

I’m not sure that we can ever get over the incredibly sweet and intense reactions Paulena had to Sean’s proposal to her at Camp Lucy.

Just two days before this happened, we got a call from Sean’s mom, Lori, who wanted us to make sure to capture this incredibly sweet moment in Sean and Paulena’s lives. We were just thrilled to get to do this for them. There was a lot of back and forth planning, including setting up a plan B in case of rain–there was a chance of that. It turned out that everything worked in our favor. No rain after all but the cloud cover kept things cool and comfortable and softened the light.

Jesse and I headed out early to make sure we were in place before everyone–Sean, Paulena, and family–arrived. Everyone except for Paulena knew what was about to happen.

The cover story: everyone was headed to Camp Lucy’s Tillie’s Restaurant to celebrate something for the grandparents. Tillie’s was an integral part of the plan! They’ve seen quite a few proposals happen there so they knew exactly what to do. When everyone arrived to check in, the host told everyone that their table would take a little bit longer to set up. Instead of having everyone wait in the lobby, they handed out glasses of champagne and recommended a stroll out to the arch to check out the stunning view. Perfect plan.

And it worked perfectly.

Sean led Paulena by the hand towards the archway that has seen so many weddings but on this day, would see the beginning of their engagement. Paulena’s tearful reaction to Sean’s proposal was so emotional. She’d been waiting for this moment for so long! What she didn’t know is that it was planned for so long, too. Sean had asked her dad for Paulena’s hand at least a year before. He was just waiting for the perfect moment.

And perfect, it was!

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