Proposal at the Texas State Capitol

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Texas State Capitol provides a backdrop for a more meaningful, personal proposal in Austin

We have photographed so many proposals and one thing tends to be common: they happen in places that are very personal to the couple. It’s just the thing when you’re about to do something that’s such a major milestone in your lives together.

Thomas decided that a place that was a big part of their first date would be the perfect spot to propose to Celia. After their first dinner together, they spent time walking the grounds of the Capitol. The Capitol grounds are always open and the main building itself is always lit. That last part is, of course, pretty important for photographers. It was awesome of Thomas to know that and work with our considerations. And it worked out amazingly with a little help from us with pre-planning.

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Thomas proposes to Celia on the main walkway of the Texas State Capital building in Austin, Texas by Austin proposal photographers Mercedes Morgan Photography

Celia was thrilled! Thomas did say that Celia wouldn’t be too surprised. He had asked her parents’ permission long before but was waiting for the right time and place. Afterwards, Celia admitted that her mom would often remind her to always have her nails done–a pretty big hint, right?

The lights of Congress Avenue make a perfect night time backdrop for Celia and Thomas during their Austin proposal.

She was still surprised and very, very thrilled. It was the sweetest thing.

Since it’s a very public space, it was very easy to “hide” out in the open among the rest of the visitors who were taking photographs and selfies all over the Capitol grounds. The view to Congress Avenue gave us lots of pretty background lights.

We did head inside for a few minutes for some photographs inside, but we spent most of our time back outside because the views were so nice and that’s where they spent a lot of time the first time they took a walk together.

Congratulations, y’all!

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