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Full disclosure folks: I have been compensated to share my own review for Basic Invite’s custom cards. A first for me! I agreed to it because I was given the opportunity to share a frank and honest review.

Anyone who’s known me long knows that I have a pretty um, strong, if not obsessive, thing for paper. We will not discuss my paper stash right now, right? But we can likely agree that in this day and age of email and PMs and texts that it’s really awfully nice to get something tangible in the mail. Something paper. And pretty!

When Basic Invite asked me to check out their products I thought, why not? So here is my humble .02 cents.

First off: their site is pretty simple to use. It didn’t take me long to figure out the right file size I needed to use and it was easy to upload the images. The designs they offer are modern and there’s so much variety. Some of the cards have a design on the back to compliment the front which is a fun option. Some even have mitered corners rather than rounded ones.

In order to keep things simple, I like to see one photo on a card. Although, they have many designs that allow you do a collage. This is perfect for sharing photos from this year’s family session!

Basic Invite also offers a nice range of ink colors to choose from for your text. Note: they are a four-color printing process so, like all other printers that work that way, the colors are simulated and very well. Not sure what a four-color printing process is? Just open your favorite glossy magazine. That’s how those are printed.

While I’m normally a matte and uncoated paper type person, I did get a sample of their premium semi-gloss. It’s not super glossy but I have to admit to still preferring an uncoated stock. The samples do lead me to one regret: not trying their premium double thick version. I’m a fan of thick card stocks. There’s just something about the paper with substance, you know? It has more presence.

A couple more of my picks:

One of the simple designs on the back of a card that compliments the front:

Each card comes with its own envelope and they offer the service of addressing it for you—you just need to provide your address plus the recipient’s—and the service to do that is free. If you want your return address on the envelope’s flap there’s a small charge of about 10 cents. Some designs’ envelopes come with the option to add a liner for more color.

The back of the cards can be customized of course. Personally, I’d leave it mostly blank so there’s room for a little note or a sentiment to share with the one who’s going to enjoy receiving it.

Go check them out to see how it works for yourself. They have so many other options available that I can’t really address here! They have options for sizes besides my go-to 5″x7″, folded greeting cards, different colored foils, and even a slew of other kinds of invitations and cards for all kinds of occasions. Plus the DIYer’s favorite: you upload your own design. Visit Basic Invite here.

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